Your Guide to Hiking the Koseška Korita Waterfall Loop

A small, bright blue waterfall crashes down into a rock canyon

The Koseška Korita Waterfall is one of the many beautiful waterfall hikes in Slovenia, but this one is far less well-known than others. Despite it being more off the beaten path, it still delivers an incredible experience, as you’ll go down into a large ravine in the forest, and past 5 different waterfalls. You get a lot of bang for your buck on this waterfall hike!

In this post, we’re diving into the details of exactly what it’s like to do the hike, sharing all the trail details, where to park, and a few other interesting spots you need to see when you’re in the area.

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Where is the Koseška Korita Trail?

The trail starts in the town of Koseč, which is just adjacent to the village of Drežnica. This area is part of the Julian Alps of northwest Slovenia, just outside of Triglav National Park.

Drežnica is the largest hamlet in the area, and both villages are located in an incredibly scenic valley surrounded by mountain peaks. Drežnica has a bright, white church sitting prominently on a hill, and you get an incredible view of the church, the valley, and the mountains as you round the corner to enter the area.

A woman stands in a field of wildflowers gazing at a white church on the base of a mountain.

Watch for a little pull-off spot to enjoy this great vista, about 5-10 minutes before you reach the trail parking lot. The views from the church overlooking the valley are also gorgeous, and the lovely church is open to visitors during the day.

Where to Park

There is a free parking lot (the yellow star) on the main road in Drežnica, several minutes away from the start of the trail (the lower, darker hiker symbol). You’ll need to walk on the road to get to the trail start – there is no closer parking unless you are staying at one of the small hotels in Koseč.

Driving yourself around Slovenia is one of the best ways to travel around the country, because you can easily hit up all these small, hidden spots on your own schedule.

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Arriving by Bus

During the summer months, there is a public shuttle bus that offers a route going through Dreznica. You can find the timetable here – look for the “K4 KOBARID—DREŽNICA—JEZERCE—KOBARID” route.

Overview of the Trail

  • Trail Type: Lollipop loop
  • Distance: 3.5 miles
  • Elevation Change: About 1000 feet (304 m). There are some fairly steep ascents and descents, but also sections that are fairly flat or just a little inclined.
  • Difficulty Level: Overall I would rate it moderately challenging
  • Slap: In Slovenian, “slap” means waterfall. I’ll use both terms (slap and waterfall) throughout the post.

The Trail

A small field of grass meets with lush green trees and in the background rolling mountains.

At the very beginning and very end of the trail you’ll be walking through people’s fields; don’t worry, you are on the right path. For the beginning, you will be starting by an old church (Sv. Justa), and you should be sure to close the gate as you exit the field and enter the forest. At the end of the trail, you will cross another field and make your way back up to the road.

A grey metal gate has a white sign with a sheep in the foreset.
A stone and wood church in a grassy field and trees.

The trail is mostly dirt with some rocks in it. For the most part the trail is clear, though there were a couple spots where the trail is a little overgrown. Usually these are just ferns or grasses, but beware that occasionally there were thorny vines.

A dirt and stone path winds through the forest with a stream barely visible through the trees.
Lots of skinny trees throughout the forest have moss and ferns throughout.

The Koseška Korita Waterfalls

The first 4 waterfalls you’ll see on this trail are labeled on the trail as Slap 1, Slap 2, etc. These are all on the Stopnik stream, and some maps will identify them as Slap Stopnik (with a number). The last waterfall is just labeled “Slap” on many maps, but Google Maps labels it as Slap Brusnik, since that is the stream it is on.

Slap 1

At waterfall number one, you will cross a small bridge and to your left, see a couple of small cascades.

White and blue water cascades down into a small pool of water with rocks covered in plants and ferns.

Then you’ll round the corner and view the falls as they shoot down a steep smooth rock face. These falls can only be seen from above; the trail does not take you to the base.

A tall waterfall with sparkly water tumbles down brown and grey rocks with moss.

Slap 2 and 3

Slap 2 and 3 in Koseška Korita are right next to each other. Slap 2 is a smaller waterfall with a shorter drop that you can see through the forest.

Silver water coarses of limestone rocks slightly hidden behind trees and green plants.

It then almost immediately turns into Slap 3 and plunges much farther down the cliff into the ravine. The waterfall slides down the rock at a steep angle, descending into a canyon with a little curved gully behind. You can view Slap 3 from above or go down to the base.

A large waterfall slides of mossy rocks into a small pool with gravel as a base.
A small waterfall with blue water into a large pool of water with small rocks.

Slap 4

Slap 4 is actually located on a very small offshoot from the main trail. While this slap may very well be the biggest, it also has extremely poor visibility. You can barely see the falls, which are hidden behind a lot of trees. Our picture was taken by leaning far over the edge of the railing and holding the phone out. Honestly, you could probably just skip this one. 

Tiny streams of water slide down rocks and roots of trees down behind large plants and trees where the waterfall disappears.

The Last Slap

As mentioned, the last waterfall you’ll see on this trail is just called “Slap” on the signs, but is named Slap Brusnik on Google Maps. This waterfall was for sure our favorite of them all.

While the falls themselves are relatively short, they nonetheless took our breath away, as the waterfall comes tumbling out of a rugged, deep canyon.

To see the fall, you’ll have to climb down an only slightly sketchy “staircase” made up of metal poles stuck into the side of the cliff while hanging onto a chain.

A man smiles holding on to a wire and standing on poles driven into the rocks. with a small stream and wood logs below him.

You’ll end at the entrance to this super magical canyon, filled with a cool, refreshing breeze, lush moss, and hanging vegetation. The canyon walls undulate and narrow around the falls. The fairytale forest vibes were strong here!

Blue sparkling water falls into a m=small water stream with wood branches and rocks in the small canyon with limestone rocks on both sides.

Be careful as some of the rocks are pretty slippery with the moisture.

Bonus Waterfalls

As you’re walking on the main road from the parking area to the official start of the trail, you’ll pass a side trail that takes you to 2 other, pretty waterfalls. This separate trail is short (only 20 minutes round trip), and you can see Slap Sopot and Slap Krampez.

If you have the time, I do think it’s worth the detour to see them. The turn is clearly marked with a large sign, and on the map above, this is marked with the blue hiker symbol.

Water cascades down limestone rocks almost like a mist into rocks and logs on the ground.
Slap Sopot
Water casacades down into a large clear water pool with lots of tiny rocks at the bottom with lots of ferns and most coming out of the sides.
Slap Krampez

There is also a short trail to the side of Slap Krampez that you can use to climb to the top of the falls.

Fun Things to Do Nearby

When you’re done with the Koseška Korita waterfall hike, here are some other nearby attractions you should head to next:

Koseška Korita Waterfall Trail – The Wrap Up

The Koseška Korita hike and waterfalls are a great addition to your Slovenian adventure. So many beautiful waterfalls in a relatively short hike is a real treat, and the gorgeous mountain valley you are in just adds another layer of enjoyment to the whole experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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