Where to Stay in Seville, Spain

Looking for where to stay in Seville? You’re in the right place – read on for my top recommendations!

Okay, let’s start with this important fact: I LOVE Seville. It’s one of my all-time favorite cities in Spain. If you’re planning a trip to this gorgeous city, you are in for a treat.

Seville is a magnetic blend of old-world charm and vivacious energy, where ancient palaces stand tall alongside lively tapas bars. The city’s rich history, flamenco rhythms, and colorful streets create an irresistible vibe. If you like pretty architecture, Seville’s combination of baroque and Mudelajr architecture is certain to impress.

In this post, we’re sharing where to stay in Seville – the best neighborhoods and hotels -to match your travel style or location preferences.

I’ve spent a big chunk of my travel itinerary in Spain criss-crossing the city, exploring neigbhorhoods and hidden corners. I’ve spent hours combing through the hotel listings, doing the research to find the truly best places to stay (so you don’t have to!). You truly can’t go wrong with any of the neighborhoods or hotels you’ll find in this article. I hope you find it helpful!

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At a Glance: My Top 3 Picks:

No time to read, or just need the highlights? These are my top overall picks for best hotels to stay in Seville:


Hotel Casa 1800 Seville
✔️ Features a rooftop pool
✔️ Rooms with own jacuzzis
✔️ In the center of the Old Town Seville


Hotel Boutique Triana
✔️ Serves continental breakfast
✔️ Rooms with stunning city views
✔️ Close to La Giralda and Sevilla Cathedral


Hotel Ateneo Sevilla
✔️ Elegant rooms with classic furniture
✔️ On-site English pub and a Spanish-style central courtyard
✔️ 15-minute walk from the Alcazar Palace

Where to Stay in Seville: Top 6 Areas + Hotels

➡️Where to Stay in Barrio Santa Cruz

Nestled within the labyrinthine alleys of Seville, Barrio Santa Cruz is steeped in history and charms visitors with its narrow cobblestone streets and colorful buildings.

Barrio Santa Cruz is the most historic section of the city, and it has many of the top attractions and the cutest streets. It’s one of the most central spots to stay in the city.

The neighborhood is a glimpse back in to Seville’s Moorish past and you’ll see old architecture and buildings from when the region was controlled by the Arabs.

Barrio Santa Cruz is home to the grand Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and the La Giralda bell tower. Adjacent, the Real Alcázar of Seville, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers opulent rooms and lush gardens to explore.

For a quieter retreat, the Maria Luisa Gardens offer a serene escape amid blooming flowers and fountains and the Plaza de Espana is one of the most stunning squares I have ever witnessed.

Barrio Santa Cruz is perfect for anyone who wants to stay right in the heart of all the action and close to everything in the city. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to be immersed in the charm and history of Sevilla!

If this sounds like the perfect spot for you, here are the top 3 hotels in Santa Cruz:

Un Patio en Santa Cruz ($)

✔️An 18th-century house that was beautifully restored into a comfortable hotel
✔️With a relaxing patio terrace with panoramic views of the Giralda
✔️Well-designed and cozy rooms with double-glazed windows
✔️Located in the heart of Seville, near the gardens of the Alcázar Palace and Seville Cathedral
Rating: 8.4 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Un Patio en Santa Cruz here!

Suites Machado ($$)

✔️A 17th-century palace turned into a series of luxury suites
✔️Traditional and elegant interior patio with a marble fountain
✔️Rooms are decorated by blending the original materials of the palace and modern elements
✔️Located in the center of Seville
Rating: 9.3 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Suites Machado here!

Hotel Casa 1800 Seville ($$$)

✔️4-star accommodation with fabulous architecture and interior design
✔️Features a refreshing and spacious rooftop pool
✔️Suites that have their own jacuzzis, rooms with terraces for city views
✔️Right in the center of the Old Town Seville
Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Suites Machado here!

➡️Where to Stay in Centro

Centro is another excellent area to stay in Seville – it’s just north and adjacent to the most historic areas of Barrio Santa Cruz. As the beating core of Seville, this district harmoniously blends historic landmarks, bustling commerce, and a lively atmosphere that encapsulates the city’s vivacious spirit.

Centro is where you’ll find attractions like the Setas de Sevilla, the Casa de Pilatos, and the Palacio de las Duenos. The streets in Centro are absolutely beautiful – full of gorgeous architecture and colorful walls. Just walking through the city here is delightful.

You’ll find some of the city’s best tapas bars and restaurants in the Centro neigbhorhood, as well as many fantastic flamenco shows.

This is a great neighborhood to stay in Seville if you want to be close to many of the main attractions, but out of the most touristy part of the city. The central location ensures that every corner of Seville is easily within reach, making it an ideal base for those who wish to maximize their exploration of the city.

I’ve stayed at the Casa del Maestro Boutique on this list (below), and it was a great location and truly beautiful hotel.

If this sounds like the perfect spot for you, here are the top 3 places to stay in Centro:

La Casa del Maestro Boutique ($)

✔️Originally the house of a guitar master, restored into a thematic boutique hotel
✔️Rooms are decorated with a combination of traditional styles and vivid colors
✔️The hotel has a classical-style terrace area on the rooftop
Rating: 8.8 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for La Casa del Maestro Boutique here!

Hotel Casa de Indias ($$)

✔️Convenient accommodation in Seville, perfect for couples
✔️Features a rooftop bar and swimming pool
✔️Nice rooms with modern pieces of furniture and beautiful interiors
✔️Right next to the Setas of Seville
Rating: 9.0 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Hotel Casa de Indias here!

Hotel Ateneo Sevilla ($$$)

✔️A very cozy hotel with vintage design and decorations
✔️It has an on-site English pub and a Spanish-style central courtyard
✔️Offers elegant rooms with classic furniture
✔️Located within a 15-minute walk from the Alcazar Palace
Rating: 9.3 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Hotel Ateneo Sevilla here!

➡️Top Places to Stay in El Arenal

El Arenal is a small but very historic neighborhood that borders the Guadalquivir River and Barrio Santa Cruz. It’s known for being a lively, upscale neighborhood.

Some of the sites you’ll find in El Arenal include the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, one of the oldest and most prestigious bullrings in Spain. Nearby, the Torre del Oro, a Moorish watchtower, gives a glimpse into Seville’s maritime history, offers great views from the top, and houses a small museum.

You can indulge in tapas at the bustling Mercado Lonja del Barranco, a converted market offering a wide variety of foods to peruse and taste. For a leisurely stroll, the riverside promenade, Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, offers a laidback atmosphere with great views of the river and the iconic Triana district on the opposite bank.

If you want to stay in a central and upscale area, close to all the the top attractions, and close to the beautiful river, then El Arenal is a great option.

I have stayed at the Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana on this list (below), and absolutely adored the location and convenience.

If this sounds like the perfect spot for you, here are the top 3 hotels in El Arenal:

Hotel Simon ($)

✔️An impressive 18th-century mansion in central Seville
✔️Rooms have old-world charm and high ceilings
✔️Restaurants and bars within walking distance
✔️Less than a 5-minute walk from the Archive of the Indies, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Rating: 8.3 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Hotel Simon here!

Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana ($$)

✔️A restored 19th-century building, ideal for families with kids
✔️The boutique hotel rooms showcase a stylish, modern design with wooden flooring
✔️Located 200 meters from the center, very close to the Torre del Oro
Rating: 8.7 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Petit Palace Marques here!

Hotel Colon Gran Melia ($$$)

✔️An iconic hotel that incorporates Seville’s culture and ambiance
✔️El Burladero Restaurant that serves traditional dishes
✔️With an incredible outdoor swimming pool
Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Hotel Colon Gran Melia here!

➡️Where to Stay in Triana

Triana is the artsy, gypsy neighborhood on the opposite side of the Guadalquivir River. This colorful neighborhood has a laidback vibe, lovely cafes and restaurants, and some interesting places to visit. To get to Triana, you’ll cross the Puente de Isabel II bridge. Don’t miss the Mercado de Triana and the Iglesia Santa Ana.

One of the things Triana is most known for is the beautiful ceramic workshops. Triana has long been creating ceramics and traditional azulejo tiles, and you can find many shops selling beautiful tiles and ceramic pieces. And of course, while you can find flamenco all over Sevilla, Triana is a hotspot for flamenco dancing and shows.

There aren’t a ton of accommodation options in Triana, but these are three of the top hotel options:

Monte Triana

✔️An incredible accommodation that offers contemporary rooms
✔️A rooftop pool with solarium, free fitness area, and a gorgeous Andalusian courtyard
✔️The hotel features a bar-café and serves free daily breakfast
✔️About a 15-minute walk from the historic center
Rating: 9.0 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Monte Triana here!

Zenit Sevilla

✔️A riverside stay with Andalusian-style decor
✔️Features a rooftop pool and a terrace with stunning views of the Giralda and the city
✔️The hotel’s restaurant offers delicious Andalusian cuisine
✔️Close to the Guadalquivir River
Rating: 8.9 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Zenit Sevilla here!

Hotel Boutique Triana

✔️A charming boutique hotel with an Art Deco ambiance
✔️Provides some rooms with stunning city views
✔️A continental breakfast is served every morning
✔️Located within 700 meters of Triana Bridge, close to well-known destinations
Rating: 9.7 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Hotel Boutique Triana here!

➡️Staying in La Alameda

La Alameda is a small but vibrant neighborhood just north of the Centro area of Seville. This area is known for having small boutiques and a lively nightlife scene. The area is close to the center, but somewhat removed from the main tourist attractions of the city.

In the realm of hip and trendy, La Alameda is a testament to Seville’s evolving cultural scene. The district centers around the Plaza de Alameda, and is lined with an eclectic mix of bars, cafes, and boutiques, and features street art mixed with traditional cobblestoned lanes. This is also one of the most gay-friendly areas of Sevilla.

As the sun sets, La Alameda truly comes alive. This is the stomping ground for night owls seeking a taste of Seville’s famed nightlife, including tapas bars and modern gastropubs, which are open and bustling late into the night.

La Alameda is a great area to stay for the traveler wants a dynamic and vibrant ambiance. Specifically, this area is great for young couples, solo adventurers, gay travelers, and those looking to mingle with the locals.

If this sounds like the spot for you, these are the top 3 hotels in this neighborhood:

Sacristia de Santa Ana

✔️An 18th-century manor house turned into a classic Spanish style hotel
✔️Wonderful rooms that have parquet floors and classical style decor
✔️Situated in Plaza de la Alameda
Rating: 8.5 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Sacristia de Santa Ana here!

Patio de La Alameda

✔️A restored 19th-century mansion of a famous Spanish sculptor
✔️Bright rooms with balconies overlooking the square and a rooftop bar
✔️In the beautiful Plaza de la Alameda Square, 20-minute away from the Royal Palace of Seville
Rating: 8.8 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Patio de La Alameda here!

H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel

✔️A charming boutique hotel built around a typical Andalusian patio with a fountain
✔️Modestly decorated room with attractive furnishings
✔️Breakfast is served on the patio, Andalusian tapas at the hotel’s snack-bar
✔️Set by the Plaza de la Alameda, nearby Seville’s Bellas Artes Museum
Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel here!

➡️Where to Stay in Los Remedios

Los Remedios is a neighborhood located south of Triana, on the opposite side of the Guadalquivir River as the Barrio Santa Cruz. Located about a 20 minute walk from the city center, the district strikes a balance between modernity and tradition.

Wide tree-lined avenues welcome you to a neighborhood known for its upbeat atmosphere and contemporary flair – this area blends a residential vibe with an array of local businesses. Los Remedios is not your typical tourist hotspot, but that’s precisely its charm.

This makes it an ideal choice for travelers who seek a respite from the bustling city center while still desiring easy access to Seville’s top attractions. It’s a place to immerse yourself in the daily life of Seville beyond the conventional tourist path.

Los Remedios does offer easy and convenient access to the Feria de Abril, the city fair that takes place every April just adjacent to the neigborhood.

In general, Families, couples, and solo adventurers looking for a more laid-back Seville experience will find Los Remedios to be an ideal base.

If this sounds like the place for you, here are 2 top hotels located in Los Remedios:

Monte Carmelo

✔️A pleasant stay in Los Remedios district that offers a very relaxing atmosphere
✔️The hotel rooms boast a modern yet straightforward look
✔️Buffet breakfast with fresh, natural products
✔️10-minute walk from the city center
Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Monte Carmelo here!

Eurostars Guadalquivir

✔️Vibrant and convenient 4-star accommodation in Los Remedios
✔️Modern and comfortable rooms with balconies
✔️Includes a buffet-style breakfast with continental or American options
✔️About a 15-minute stroll to Old Town Seville
Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars
➡️ Check availability for Eurostars Guadalquivir here!

Where to Stay in Seville – the Wrap Up

Whether you’re spending 1 or 2 days in Seville, or a week in the city, these are the best places to stay in this beautiful Andalucian capital. You’ll be near the best flamenco shows, the best photospots, and the most iconic attractions and historical sites.

Don’t forget to plan a few day trips from the city or rent a car for more flexibility, there’s so much to see in the southern Spain countryside!

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