Where to Stay in Nice: The 7 Absolute Best Areas (and Hotels!) for 2023

Are you planning a trip to southern France and trying to figure out where to stay in Nice? I’ve got you covered – read on for my top recommendations!

The Mediterranean city of Nice is one of my very favorite destinations in all of France. It’s got a golden-hued old town, a bustling port, neighborhoods with beautiful Belle Époque architecture, and the most enjoyable seaside pathway. Plus, it’s well-situated to visit many other cities and villages in the French Riviera.

But with all of these perks and different areas comes the question – where should I stay in Nice?

This article gives you an overview of what several different areas around Nice can offer you, and the pros and cons of staying in each place. I also recommend my favorite hotels and vacation rentals in each neighborhood, to help you narrow down the choice even more!

My Top 3 Picks: Best Hotels in Nice


Palais Saleya Boutique Hotel
✔️ Spacious suites
✔️ Airport shuttle
✔️ In the heart of Old Town


Hotel Florence Nice
✔️ On-site bar
✔️ Close to tram stop
✔️ Terrace


Westminster Hotel and Spa Nice
✔️ Spa and wellness centre
✔️ Bar and luxury lounge areas
✔️ Views over the Mediterranean

Where to Stay in Nice: 7 Best Neighborhoods

Here, I share my top neighborhoods I would recommend you stay on your visit to Nice. Each section describes the neighborhood and its pros and cons, plus some recommended hotels and vacation rentals in that area.

Hopefully, this will help you narrow down where to stay in Nice on your upcoming visit!

1. Old Town – Perfect for First Time Visitors and Being in the Center of the Action

The tight streets of Old Town, with the golden buildings and green shutters. The view is of the upper parts of the buildings - a good spot to consider when deciding where to stay in Nice.

Nice’s Old Town is cute and charming and well-preserved in all it’s orange and yellow hues. Here, you’ll find many restaurants, cafes, and shops down the narrow, winding streets. Around every corner, you’ll find cute specialty shops catering to a variety of tastes (we’ve seen shops for olive oil, spices, lavender, handmade ceramics, and more).

Closer to the sea, you’ll find the Cours Saleya, where the Marché aux Fleurs occurs every day except Monday. In addition to flowers, you’ll find fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheese, and artesanal products (e.g. jam). If you’re staying in a VRBO with a kitchen, you can pick up food here for some fresh, easy meals at home.

Place Rossetti is a square in the middle of old town, with gelato shops and cafes, and the Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice.

The tall Colline du Chateau flanks the Old Town on the eastern edge.

While there is a lot of charm to the area, there actually aren’t a lot of hotels in the Old Town area. There’s maybe 6 or 7 total, and I chose my favorite 3 that are linked below. If you’re really interested in staying in this area but hotels are full, definitely check out the vacation rentals – there are a lot more apartments for rent than hotels available in this area.

  • Pros: Right in the heart of the city, lots of character and charm, beautiful golden buildings, close to a lot of attractions
  • Cons: Can be hard to drive in (if you’re driving), it’s definitely the most touristy area of the city.
  • Best For: If you want to be in the heart of the action and close to everything, if you love staying in the most historic and charming part of town, if you like vacation rentals (few hotel options). This is a good spot for first time visitors.

Hotels to Stay in Old Town:

($) Albert Premier: Right on the edge of the Jardin Albert I and Old Town, and close to the Promenade, this hotel is close to everything. Higher priced rooms have balcony views that include the sea.

Rating: 8 of 10 stars – read reviews here

($$) Mercure Nice Marché aux Fleurs: Near the flower market, and facing the sea, this hotel delivers on location and beautiful views.

Rating: 7.6 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$$) Palais Saleya Boutique Hotel: This lovely hotel is in the heart of Old Town and is a modern, updated, and very comfortable hotel offering spacious suites.

Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars-read reviews here

Where to Stay in Old Town – Vacation Rentals:

($) Charming French Style Apartment in Old Town: This apartment in Old Town is cozy, updated, and decorated in a French style. The location in is fantastic – set among the beautiful, colorful streets of Old Town. 👉Book on VRBO here

($$) Stylish, Newly Renovated Apartment on Rue Rossetti: This recently updated apartment is incredibly modern and luxurious. You’re on more of a main street in Old Town, and right around the corner from the main square (Place Rossetti). 👉Book on VRBO here

2. The Port: Where to Stay in Nice for Maritime Enthusiasts and LGBTQ Visitors

A view of Nice's old port, with somse smaller sailboats in the foreground and big yachts in the background. Behind the yachts are the buildings lining the port, and behind that is the green hill of Castle Hill.

While the Port of Nice (formally known as Port Lympia) is small compared to the one in Marseille, it is still an important Mediterranean port and houses some incredibly large yachts and seaworthy vessels. This is still considered part of “Old Nice,” so the buildings maintain a historic charm. However, you will definitely see less tourists on this part of town.

The Castle Hill is on the western edge of the Port neighborhood, and there is easy access to the hill from here.

You can also visit the Eglise Notre-Dame du Port de Nice here, a stately and beautiful church from the mid-1800’s that is directly opposite the harbor.

Rue Bonaparte, and the area around it, are known for being the center of gay bars and restaurants in Nice, and Place du Pin is a popular gay hangout square. It should be noted, however, that Nice is a very LGBTQ-friendly city overall, not just the Rue Bonaparte area.

  • Pros: A beautiful port, trendy, lots of gay-friendly establishments
  • Cons: Not very many hotels (this could be a pro as well depending on your POV!) – many more options for vacation rentals than hotels close to the port. You’re also more removed from the Promenade des Anglais, which is a favorite spot in Nice
  • Best For: This is where to stay in Nice if you like boats or the sea, want to be in Old Nice but slightly more away from the crowds, or want to stay in the gay neighborhood.

Recommended Hotels to Stay in the Port:

($) Ibis Styles Nice Centre Port: Straightforward and modern, this hotel is an excellent value for money – as it’s clean, centrally located, updated, and rooms are fairly spacious. Bonus – complimentary breakfast is included.

Rating: 7.7 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($) Hotel du Pin Nice Port: Trendy and modern, this hotel is in a great location near the port and has very comfortable rooms and helpful staff. If you’re staying with a family, they have larger family rooms available as well.

Rating: 8 of 10 stars – read reviews here

Best Vaction Rentals in the Port:

($) Appartement Segurane: Light and airy with a beautiful little terrace, this apartment has everything you need for a stay in Nice. It’s also very conveniently located not far from the popular Rue Bonaparte! 👉Book on VRBO here

($$) View of the Port Apartment: This apartment is newly renovated in a historic building, with some touches of old world charm mixed with modern amenities. The real draw for this location, though, is the view – a stunning vista over the port from every window in the flat! 👉Book on VRBO here

3. Promenade des Anglais: Where to Stay in Nice for Beach Lovers and Strolling Enthusiasts

An aerial view of the promenade des anglais, the old town, the beach, and the sea.

The Promenade des Anglais is one of my favorite spots in all of Nice. It is a very wide, very long, beautiful sidewalk lined with palm trees, pergolas, and benches that runs for 7 km right along the beach.

You can see people running, walking, skating, biking, hanging out with friends, and accessing the beach from the Promenade. Fancy a little bike ride yourself? Download the Velo Bleu app to rent one of the city bikes, available at many locations along the Promenade and throughout the city.

(Note that beaches in this part of France are pebbly, not sandy! Bring some good sandals for walking on the beach or wading in the water.)

Pros: You’re right along the beach, promenade, and have sea views. The bus and tram run along the Promenade from the airport, which is convenient.
Cons: The street along the Promenade des Anglais is a fairly busy street, both with traffic and pedestrians, so you’ll have some noise from that. Accommodations with sea views can be more expensive.
Best for: The Promenade is the best place to stay in Nice for people who want those ocean views, or easy access to the beach or walking path. It’s also great for people who want easy access to public transportation.

Recommended Hotels on the Promenade des Anglais

($) Hotel West End Promenade: This is a fantastic value option right on the beach, as it has lovely, clean, and comfortable rooms (some of them have sea views) and a very helpful staff.

Rating: 7.9 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$$) Westminster Hotel and Spa Nice: This hotel has absolutely gorgeous Belle Époque rooms, an on-site spa, views over the ocean, and a fitness center (which is very rare in France).

Rating: 8.1 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$$) Hotel Suisse: Located right on the Promenade, this gorgeous hotel has views over the beach and town. Rooms are light and airy, with balconies featuring picture perfect views. The arched windows and pretty décor are the cherry on top!

Rating: 8.4 of 10 stars-read reviews here

Recommended Vacation Rentals on the Promenade des Anglais

($$) Stunning Beachfront Apartment along Promenade: This flat just screams “I’m on holiday in the French Riviera!” Views directly over the sea, the modern amenities, and some classically French décor and architectural details make this a really good spot for close access to the beach. 👉Book on VRBO here

($$$) Waterfront Panorama Seaview Apartment Near Negresco: This apartment is set up really well for a family, has a lot of really nice spaces, and is steps from the ocean! 👉Book on VRBO here

4. Jean-Medecin: Best Place to Stay in Nice for Shoppers

Place Massena is shown, with red buildings around the edge, a sculpture in the center of a fountain, and a checkerboard ground.

The Jean-Medecin neighborhood of Nice is in the heart of all the best shopping. We felt like the style of this neighborhood was a mix between classic French architecture and American beach-town. Expect less color and more whites and light yellow.

The heart of this area is the Avenue Jean-Medecin, a wide, grand avenue for pedestrians and the city tram (no other automobile traffic allowed). On this avenue and in the streets nearby, you’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities, from independent boutiques to well known brands, to souvenir shops.

Of note is the famous Galeries Lafayette store, and the Nice Etoile mall.

At the southern end of Avenue Jean-Medecin, is the Place Massena, a beautiful square lined with identical red buildings, arches pedestrian passageways, and black and white checkerboard streets. At the north you’ll find the Basilique Notre-Dame de l’Assomption, the little sister of the grand Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Finally, the Jean-Medecin neighborhood includes the Jardin Albert I and the Promenade du Paillon, a long, skinny park that divides Old Town from the new town and offers greenspace, benches for sitting, a very cool children’s playground, and a water fountain/splash pad area.

This area is usually pretty bustling, either with shoppers or with park-goers who want to enjoy the fresh air and nature.

  • Pros: Close to Old Town, close to the Port, close to a lot of shops and restaurants
  • Cons: Some parts can be farther from the sea
  • Best for: This is the best spot to stay in Nice for anyone who wants to be in the action and near the stores. It actually is also a good option for families with little kids if being near a park and playground is important to you.

Where to Stay in Jean-Medecin – Recommended Hotels

($) Hotel de la Mer: Located right on Place Massena, this hotel has stylish, comfortable rooms and friendly staff, and is steps from several big attractions in Nice.

Rating: 8 of 10 stars – read reviews here

($$) Hotel Florence Nice: Just a block away from the pedestrian Avenue Jean Medecin, but off the busy main street, there’s a tram stop nearby and the train station is not too far away. Rooms are clean and comfortable.

Rating: 8.4 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$$) Les Suites Massena: Also right on the gorgeous Place Massena, this hotel has very spacious rooms and gorgeous bathrooms. Each room comes with a little sitting room – combining the comfort of a VRBO with the amenities of a hotel.

Rating: 8.7 of 10 stars-read reviews here

Where to Stay in Jean-Medecin – Vacation Rentals

($) Rigoletto Massena Apartment: This apartment is updated, modern, comfortable, and just around the corner from Place Massena and a tram station. 👉Book on VRBO here

($$) Beautiful, Spacious Garden View Flat: This is really the French apartment of my dreams – it has parquet hardwood floors, a French style fireplace, guilded mirrors, decorative molding, full length windows, and a garden overlook. 👉Book on VRBO here

5. Carre d’Or: Where to Stay in Nice for A More Laid Back Vibe, Families

The white building of the Hotel Negresco, with a pink roof, is shown. Palm trees and plants are in the foreground. The Carre d'Or is one of best areas to stay in Nice.

Carré d’Or means “Golden Square”, and this neighborhood is the chic, more upscale part of town.

There are several pedestrian-only zones here, with a lot of restaurants, and designer and boutique shops.

Buildings tend to be built in the beautiful Belle Époque style. The Hotel Le Negresco is the most famous example of an upscale, beautiful, historic building. It iconically overlooks the Promenade des Anglais.

Musée Massena (art from the French Riviera) and the Casino du Palais de la Méditerranée are also in the Carré d’Or district.

  • Pros: Beautiful area, close to tons of sites without actually being in the sites, close to the sea
  • Cons: Honestly, not any big cons come to mind!
  • Best for: If you want to stay in a more residential area that is beautiful, but still very close to the sites.

Recommended Hotels in the Carré d’Or Neighborhood

($) Hotel Villa Rivoli: This hotel is set in a pretty Belle Époque building, with a lot of charm. Rooms have historic and very “traditionally French” décor and architecture, adding to the feeling of having gone back in time.

Rating: 8.1 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$) Hotel Le Meurice: This hotel is just a stone’s throw from alllll the action. It’s just a minute to the Promenade des Anglais, the Jardin Albert 1, and Old Town. Plus, there is a boulangerie AND fromagerie (cheese shop) just around the corner!

Rating: 8.3 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$$) Hotel Le Negresco: This is THE most famous hotel in Nice, and it absolutely delivers on the hype. It’s almost like staying in a museum, with the beautiful art, decor, architecture, and design throughout the main areas and the guest rooms.

Rating: 9.1 of 10 stars-read reviews here

Recommended Vacation Rentals in the Carré d’Or Neighborhood

($) Fantastic Modern One Bedroom: Bright, airy, modern, and comfortable, this flat is close to everything and has beautiful parquet floors. 👉Book on VRBO here

($$) Villa on the Roof Apartment: Perfect for a family or group, this apartment oozes old world charm and has a charming and very large rooftop terrace, perfect for enjoying summer evenings on the French Riviera. 👉Book on VRBO here

6. Gambetta – Where to Stay in Nice on a Budget

A pretty pink building with shutters, and wrought iron balconies fills the frame. Some plants and flowers are growing on the balconies. This is a great residential neighborhood for where to stay in Nice.

Gambetta is a residential neighborhood on the western side of Nice, with a mixture of architectural styles (modern, Art Deco, and Belle Epoque styles).

Of course, being a residential neighborhood, there aren’t that many sites here, one of the main draw is wandering the streets like a local.

There are a few attractions in this neighborhood, though. You’ll find the Alsace-Lorraine Gardens (a small garden with a playground), the Musée des Beaux Arts de Nice (The Museum of Fine Art), and the Cathédrale Saint-Nicolas de Nice (The Russian Cathedral).

Gambetta is bordered by the Promenade des Anglais and the sea on the south, so there is still easy access to the beach. It’s about a 20-25 minute walk to the Old Town, otherwise, the bus regularly comes through the neighborhood.

This neighborhood does tend to have lower prices on accommodations, though prices aren’t dramaticallly lower (e.g. half the cost).

  • Pros: A quieter neighborhood away from the busiest parts of the city
  • Cons: Farther away from most sites, will require a walk in to visit attractions in Nice
  • Best For: Best for families, people on a budget, and those who want to stay away from the main tourist areas, in more residential neighborhoods.

Recommended Hotels in Gambetta

($) Locarno Hotel: Rooms are comfy and modern and the rooftop terrace is a nice touch. Overall, this hotel is a really excellent value for price.

Rating: 8.5 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$) Hotel Amour Nice: This hotel is cozy, moody, and stylish – like you could just settle in for a long, quiet afternoon. Décor is top notch and views from the rooftop (and pool!) over the city are perfection.

Rating: 8.8 of 10 stars-read reviews here

($$) Hotel La Villa Nice Promenade: This hotel has really beautiful rooms, with hardwood floors, in a central location – close to the Promenade, the tram, and not far from the Old Town.

Rating: 8.6 of 10 stars-read reviews here

Recommended Vacation Rentals in Gambetta

($) Maison Cournichée Apartment: This apartment is an amazing value, with a full, comfortable, and clean apartment with modern amenities for a really low price. 👉Book on VRBO here

($$) Appartement Le Victor Hugo: Cheery, full of light, and incredibly spacious, this rental is in a residential area, and is updated, modern, clean, with a cute little terrace. A variety of baby gear items are also available for a small fee in this apartment. 👉Book on VRBO here

7. Cimiez – Perfect for Families and Lovers of Roman History

Flowers and greenery are blurred in the foreground, with a beautiful building in the background.

Cimiez is a beautiful, upscale, and ancient historical neighborhood in the north part of Nice. It has a distinctive feel compared to the other areas of Nice. Instead of tightly packed apartment buildings, there is space between, and even some stand-alone homes in this area.

During Roman times, this area was called Cemenelum and had a number of classic Roman structures. Today, visit the Jardins des Arènes de Cimiez, the ruins of the Roman amphitheater and baths.

During the Belle Époque (the period of time before WW1), this area became a popular vacation with Europe’s royalty. The Ancien Hotel Regina was the most grand and popular hotel for the royals.

Visit the Monastery of Cimiez, and don’t miss the beautiful Monastery gardens and cemetery with views out over the city.

Several well-known painters (Chagall, Matisse) also worked in the area. You can see their works at the Musee Matisse or the Musée Chagall.

The bus conveniently connects Cimiez to Place Massena in Nice; it’s an easy 15 minute ride, or 25-30 minute walk down into the city.

This area is quiet and generally very residential, and definitely away from the main tourist crowds of Nice – perfect if you are with a family, want to get away from it all, or love Roman ruins.

  • Pros: Lots of interesting and off-the-beaten path things to see in this quarter, good if you want to stay in a residential neighorhood away from other tourists,
  • Cons: Pretty far from many sites, including the sea, and there’s a decent walk uphill into Cimiez
  • Best for: Families, people who want to stay in residential neigborhoods, lovers of Roman history

Recommended Hotels to Stay in Cimiez

($) NH Nice Hotel: Modern, clean lines, and rooms that are really quite spacious for France, this hotel also offers a rooftop bar and pool with gorgeous views over the rooftops of Nice. This hotel is an excellent value! 👉Book the NH Nice Hotel here

Rating: 8.1 of 10 stars -read reviews here

($$) Hotel Le Petit Palais: This hotel definitely gives off elegant villa vibes, with the traditionally and individually decorated rooms, the exterior architecture of the building, and the charming courtyard. You’ll enjoy views over the city and towards the sea, and a quiet area.

Rating: 8.9/ 10 stars – read reviews here

($$$) Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Nice: This contemporary hotel has a variety of amenities, including a fitness room (rare for France), a rooftop bar and pool, and terrace. Rooms are quite spacious for France.

Rating: 7.4 of 10 stars-read reviews here

Recommended Hotels to Stay in Cimiez

($) Appartement Liberation: This apartment has a large, wide balcony, and a light, open, and breezy layout. 👉Book on VRBO here

($) Appartement Parc Algéria: With views over the city , hardwood floors, and desks in the bedrooms, this is a good setup for families with children. 👉Book on VRBO here

To Summarize:

  • Where to stay in Nice for Families: Carré d’Or or Jean Medecin (close to everything, including the park), Gambetta (more residential), or Cimiez (also more residential)
  • Where to Stay in Nice For First Time Visitors: Old Town, Jean Medecin, Carré d’Or
  • Where to Stay in Nice for Beach and Sea Lovers (swimming or strolling): Promenade des Anglais (Beach), The Port (Sea Lovers)
  • Where to Stay in Nice if You Want a More Local, Quiet Expeirence: Gambetta or Cimiez
  • Where to Stay in Nice On a Budget: Gambetta
  • Where to Stay in Nice to Be Close to the Most/Best Restaurants and Bars: Port, Carré d’Or, Jean Medecin, Old Town
  • Where to Stay in Nice for the LGBTQ Area: The Port

Other Important Things to Know When Considering Where to Stay in Nice

When to Book Your Hotel (or Rental) for Nice

Nice is a popular destination, and so I would highly recommend you book your accommodations as soon as possible. Hotels and vacation rentals can really get booked up many months in advance, particularly if you are traveling between April through October, or December.

Book early so you can get your top choice for where you want to stay in Nice!

A Few Important Notes About Hotels in Nice

When choosing where to stay in Nice, keep in mind that generally speaking, hotel rooms in France are much smaller (we’ll just call it cozier) than hotel rooms in the United States. Because these are old buildings, the rooms are just a bit tighter and there is definitely less floorspace. This is just something to be aware of!

Expect elevators to also be very tiny – and not all places have elevators. I actually really love the teeny tiny elevators in France – they’re such a novelty!

On the same note, almost no hotels offer free breakfast. Almost every hotel *will* offer breakfast, but it costs extra. We rarely pay for the hotel breakfast, preferring instead to grab some pastries from the closest boulangerie as we start our day. 

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Final Thoughts on Best Areas in Nice to Stay

Since Nice is just such a beautiful city across the board and there are so many great places to stay, it’s hard to go wrong, whatever you choose!

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