How to Take a Day Trip to Menton from Nice, France in 2023

You know how you see somewhere that just looks so adorable in pictures, and when you go it somehow really is that adorable in real life? 

That was our day trip to Menton. 

We took a day trip to Menton from Nice and it absolutely lived up to our fairly high expectations. Menton is a really beautiful city with a quaint old town. It also felt fairly off the beaten track – there were some tourists, but not as many as other, more popular villages on the French Riviera. 

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A Day Trip to Menton

One of my favorite methods of travel is to establish a “base city” and then do small day trips to points of interest nearby. Not only do you have mornings and evenings to continue to explore your home away from home, but you can get a better feel for the region through these extra excursions. 

Nice as a Home Base

We really took advantage of this method on a trip to Nice, France. If you are traveling on the Cote d’Azur, Nice is THE base city to stay in. It’s one of the bigger cities on the French Riviera, it has lots to do, and is absolutely gorgeous. Check out my list of the 17 best things to do in Nice here!

Importantly, it is well-connected to other places via the train station and bus routes, making it easy to visit the many, many villages, hikes, and points of interest – perfect for day trips.

Where to Stay in Nice

For a complete breakdown of the 7 best areas to stay in Nice for all types of travelers, check out this post here. However, my top 3 picks for where to stay in Nice that are centrally located and perfectly situated for going on daytrips are these 3 hotels:

✔️(Budget) Hotel de la Mer: Located right on Place Massena, this hotel has stylish, comfortable rooms and friendly staff, and is steps from several big attractions in Nice.👉 Book Hotel de la Mer here

✔️(Mid-Range) Mercure Nice Marché Aux Fleurs: Near the flower market in Old Town, and facing the sea, this hotel delivers on location, lovely rooms, and beautiful views.👉 Book the Mercure Nice here

✔️(Luxury) Hotel Le Negresco: This is THE most famous hotel in Nice, and it absolutely delivers on the hype. It’s almost like staying in a museum, with the beautiful art, decor, architecture, and design throughout the main areas and the guest rooms in the Carré d’Or neighborhood.  👉Book Hotel Le Negresco here

Getting to Menton

We’ve done just about every mode of transportation in southern France – train, bus, and rental car – and there are pros and cons to each!


Renting a car gives you the most flexibility, but it is also the most hands-on option (need to navigate, find parking, etc). Thankfully, driving in France is fairly straightforward, road conditions are good, and traffic on the freeways isn’t bad at all.

Driving in downtown Nice was not my favorite, but worth it to get the flexibility. We chose this option on our second trip to southern France because some places we wanted to hit weren’t easily accessible to train and much less convenient by bus, plus we wanted full control over our schedule.

While you can pick up a rental car at the airport, there are also several pickup spots near Old Town in Nice. If you’re planning on spending a few days in Nice before heading out on daytrips, I would just pick up a car in the city right before you head out.

Important Note: Most cars in France are manual transmission, so if that’s going to be a problem you’ll want to make your car reservation for automatic as early as possible (limited number of automatic cars) and be prepared to spend a little more. In addition, rental cars have been in high demand lately and prices have been high and availabilty has been lower than usual.

TL;DR: If you want to drive yourself, book your rental car early! We like booking with, as we find they usually have the best prices and availability.

👉Check rental car prices and availability on here!


The cost for a train ride is a little more than the cost of taking the bus. However, as we found out on a different day trip, the bus takes quite a bit longer than the train. If you are choosing between bus and train, unless prices are exorbitantly higher on the day you want to travel, I would 100% prioritize having more time and take the train. 

At the train station, make sure to validate your ticket in the orange machines before you board (very important). Then, relax and enjoy the 40 minute ride. The train track hugs the coast for most of the journey, so you will enjoy great views of the sea and coast on the way out – a really beautiful start to a day trip to Menton. 

You can check train schedules and buy tickets ahead of time here – you will be leaving from the Gare de Nice Ville.

Generally speaking, if the places you want to visit are easily accessible by train this is an excellent option for getting around southern France. You don’t have to mess with parking, tolls, driving in narrow old towns, or navigating. However, sometimes the train routes do not connect directly to the places you want to visit. Plus, there is always less flexibility when you aren’t driving yourself.

Tip: In French, a “gare” is a train station, whereas a “gare routière” is a bus station.


This is the cheapest option, but honestly, this is my least favorite option because it’s the slowest. Buses can take a long time! It’s a good option in general, though, if you don’t need to go far. For example, if I was staying in Nice and wanted to visit Villefranche-sur-Mer, the village riiiiiight next to Nice, I wouldn’t take the train. It’s close enough to just take the bus.

So, which one to choose?

I would choose a car if…

  • You want to get places really early or stay late
  • If you are planning on going a new place everyday or almost every day
  • If the places you want to visit aren’t easily accessible by train (no direct route or the direct route is much slower than the driving time)

I would choose the train if…

  • You don’t want to deal with the hassle of parking and navigating
  • You are only doing a couple of day trips
  • You want the experience of taking the train in France
  • The places you want to go are easily accessible by train from where you’re staying

I would choose the bus if…

  • You are on an incredibly tight budget
  • The places you want to visit are super close to where you are staying

If You’re Short on Time or Don’t Like Public Transit

If you don’t have a lot of time but want to hit several Cote d’Azur highlights, or don’t want to navigate public transportation or deal with the hassle of driving, navigating, and parking, a small group tour is an excellent option to see the highlights of the region.

The tour takes you right across the border of Italy to an Italian market, then stops to enjoy Menton’s old town, and then to Monaco to see the views over the city. Get more details here!

Exploring the City of Menton

From the train station, bus station, or parking lots in Menton (there are several good options, including Parking George V), start wandering toward the city center, admiring the beautiful buildings and the relaxed way of life in the village. You’ll see some clay tennis courts – to me, clay tennis courts just scream relaxing, laid back living!

Then, head down Avenue de Verdon and toward the coast. Avenue de Verdon is a wide street that straddles a green space that was lined with – wait for it – lemon trees and orange trees! Just right there, in the middle of the city. So fun!


Before reaching the coast, I recommend you turn east and wander through the city. There are a lot of fun stores to browse, including clothing stores and specialty food shops. Don’t miss the French chocolateries with detailed candy shapes — there were so many lemon themed food items. 

Hot tip: These lemon-themed products make great souvenirs or gifts to bring home with you!

The Coast and the Beaches

Eventually, you will end up at the coast. Menton has several really beautiful beaches. The beaches that are farther west are pebbled beaches, which is very typical for many southern France beaches. However, the farther east you head, the sandier the beaches become. Plage des Sablettes is one of the nicest beaches and is nestled right under the colorful old town!

Since we were there in March, it wasn’t exactly beach weather, but it still was beautiful walking along the Promenade du Soleil next to the beach. The promenade has some gorgeous viewpoints that capture the beach, water, and city all together. Any section of the promenade is pretty, but the section in front of the old town colorful buildings is particularly picturesque.


Exploring Menton’s Old Town – The Best Part of Our Day Trip to Menton

You are now near Menton’s old town. As you started into this section of the city, spend plenty of time exploring the narrow, curving streets and seeing the colorful painted homes. Make a stop at the Saint-Michel Basilica. This ornate church is built right on the edge of the hill, so to get to it from the coast, you have to climb!

The tower of the basilica is visible above the roofs of the other buildings from many vantage points. There’s an impressive staircase to reach the basilica, but once you’re there, you get a beautiful view back over the sea. 

day trip to menton cathedral
day trip to Menton cathedral

This was our favorite part of the day trip to Menton; continuing to wander around old town and exploring all the nooks and crannies. It is built into the hillside so there were some good elevation gains. 

The buildings are classically Mediterranean, in various shades of pinks, reds, yellows, peach, and tans. There were stone walls and arches, cobblestone streets, and potted plants sitting out just because. It was far and away the most charming old town I’ve visited. 

day trip to Menton old town

Cimetière du Vieux Chateau

At the top of old town there’s a cool, old cemetery to explore – Cimetière du Vieux Chateau. It’s actually a really nice place to walk around for a while, as there are lots of statues and interesting little details. Here (or really at any good eastern-facing vantage point), you can see Italy – the Italian border is actually just five miles from Menton.

day trip to Menton cemetery

Menton’s Gardens

Menton also has several lovely gardens that you can visit, some free, some for a small fee — they add even more beauty and charm to this city! The Jardin Botanique Exotique de Menton is easily the most beautiful one, so I would head here first. Serre de la Madone, and Les Colombières are also great options if you have more time and can’t get enough of the beautiful gardens.

Should You Take a Day Trip to Menton?

Our day in Menton was a top highlight of the entire trip. It wasn’t a city that you go to to see a whole bunch of sights, but rather, to experience the charm and make heart eyes at all the adorable spots. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat!

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