10 Unforgettable Day Tours from Seville You Must Experience

Looking for the best day tours from Seville? You’re in the right spot – read on for details!

A beautiful spanish courtyard with the sun just peeking out in the colorful tile courtyard with pillars holding up a castle-like stone building.

Seville is one of the most incredible European cities I have ever visited – the colorful buildings, the breathtaking Gothic and Mudéljar architecture, the blossoming trees in springtime, the delicious food, the beautiful attractions… the list goes on and on.

And one of the best parts of Sevilla is the fact that it is very conveniently located not far from many other fantastic destinations in Southern Spain. Within 30 minutes to 2 hours, you can visit bucket list cities, adorable small towns, and unique and beautiful nature spots.

In this post, we’re sharing our top favorite day tours from Seville – places that you absolutely must see and experience in Andalucia, and that make perfect day trips from the city.

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My Top 3 Picks: Day Tours from Seville


Alhambra + Granada
✔️ Learn Moorish history
✔️ Visit Granada and the Alhambra
✔️ Explore Albaicin


✔️ Discover the amazing Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral
✔️Walk the charming streets of the Jewish quarter


Ronda + White Villages
✔️ Explore the stunning town of Ronda
✔️See the bridge over the Tajo Gorge
✔️ Visit the White Villages

10 Unforgettable Day Tours from Seville

Let’s dive into the list. Wherever your interests lie, there is definitely an option for you here.

1. Alhambra + Granada

A marble tile and pilar small courtyard with bushes and beautiful crafted wood structures.

Ratings: 4.38 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 13 hours

Granada is an exceptionally beautiful city in Andalucia, with the most mesmerizing past, and it is truly a must-do day trip from Malaga.

The glittering star of Granada is the Alhambra complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site that was an ancient Arab city. Alhambra includes multiple drop-dead gorgeous palaces, the Generalife garden complex, the Alcazaba military fortress, and a village area, and a tour can take several hours to see everything.

While you technically could visit Alhambra without a guide, this is a location where I really feel like a guided tour is indispensable. You definitely will want to hear about the history of the palaces and city and all the interesting details about who lived there.

In this tour, you’ll drive the 2.5 hours from Seville to Granada, then enjoy a 3-4 hour tour of the entire Alhambra (including the Nasrid Palaces, the most beautiful part of the complex).

Then you’ll have another ~3 hours to explore Granada. You can visit sites in the city, such as the Carmen de los Mártires gardens, or stop by the Granada Cathedral.

Alternatively, you can go into the historic Albaicin neighborhood (another UNESCO site), and discover the narrow, winding streets and white buildings that are stacked up on a hill.

Important: You MUST have your original driver’s license or passport with you to enter Alhambra.

The details shared by our wonderful guide really helped set the context about the history of La Alhambra. Everything was streamlined and the grounds are beautifully kept.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – alicia, tour review

👉Check prices and book a tour to Alhambra + Granada here

2. Cordoba

A big room with hundreds of granite pillars with red and white stripes.

Ratings: 5 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 9 hours

Cordoba was one of my favorite cities in all of Southern Spain – the Mezquita MosqueCathedral was absolutely breathtaking, flower-lined streets were adorable, and the patios were jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

On this day tour to Cordoba, you’ll drive 1.5 hours from Seville, and then go on a walking tour of the old city, where you can admire the beautiful white buildings of the La Juderia old quarter, visit the Alley of Flowers, and stop by the only synagogue in southern Spain.

You’ll then enjoy a guided tour of the Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral, which was built in 987 by the Islamic Moors who controlled the region, and today is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Spain.

The Mosque is truly incredible and absolutely massive, with more than 850 candy cane-striped double arches extending far in all directions.

When the region was re-conquered by the Christians, they converted the mosque into a cathedral, leaving a lot of the structure alone, but adding a Christian altar and nave in the middle of the building.

Finally, at the end of the day, you’ll have some free time to explore the city on your own. I’d recommend either stopping by the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, or visiting some of Cordoba’s enchanting patios.

This was a lovely trip. I would recommend getting tickets to the Alcazar and walking it too since it is not included in the trip but you will have time for it. We enjoyed our trip and the guide was great!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – maria helena, tour review

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3. Setenil de las Bodegas + Zahara de la Sierra + Ronda

A street with white stone buildings beneath a massive rock overhang
Two sides of a rock cliff are joined by a stone bridge with many large arches. Below the arch is a small blue river + waterfall with bushes and ferns.

Ratings: 4.76 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 9 hours

One unforgettable experience in Andalucia is visiting some of the iconic pueblo blancos (white villages) in the countryside. Practically all of the villages in the central region of southern Spain are painted white, often situated on hilltops or against cliffs, and are incredibly charming.

On this Villages Tour, you’ll visit two of these white villages: Zahara de la Sierra, and Setenil de las Bodegas, as well as a larger town: Ronda.

Zahara de la Sierra is notable for the fortress which sits atop a large rocky hill and towers over the city, as well as the pretty reservoir just below the city.

Setenil de las Bodegas is one of the most unique villages you will ever visit, as large portions of the city are built into the surrounding cliff walls. Many streets are actually covered by rocky overhangs, and the buildings are actually caves, being built directly into the rocks.

Finally, Ronda is a larger town that is famous for its massive Puente Nuevo Bridge. This bridge, completed in the late 1700’s, is 322 feet tall (98 meters) and spans the El Tajo Gorge, connecting the old town and the new town.

This is one of the most impressive feats of engineering you will see in all of Spain, and it’s absolutely worth coming to Ronda to admire the bridge from above and below.

From Seville, you’ll drive 1.5 hours to Zahara, and then on to the other two locations, which are nearby. In each town, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of the top attractions and points of interest.

The tour was wonderful. We visited 3 of the most beautiful White Villages. The van was comfortable, our guide was very kind and patient. A great experience that I can highly recommend.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – angie, tour review

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4. Caminito del Rey

A woman with a blue construction helmet stands on a wood bridge hanging off the edge of a white limestone cliff.

Ratings: 4.60 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 10 hours

The Caminito del Rey is an exciting, unique hike through the Los Gaitanes Gorge and the El Chorro Gorge, located up in the mountains of Andalucia.

On this hike, you’ll be given a helmet as you walked along the terraced boardwalk situated high up in the canyon. At the end of the hike, you’ll cross a suspension bridge strung high up between the canyon walls. The views as you hike through the narrow gorge with a beautiful river running underneath are just insane!

This used to be called the most dangerous hike in the world (although it really is totally safe), but the fun factor is extremely high.

On this Caminito del Rey tour, you’ll drive two hours from Seville to the start of the gorge, where you’ll get a safety briefing and equipment and begin the hike. The hike is very easy and is flat, or just slightly downhill the entire way.

Along the way, your guide will stop to explain different features in the canyon, interesting plants and animals you will see, and the history of the gorge and pathway – it’s truly fascinating!

The hike is just over 5 km (3+ miles), and takes about 2-3 hours to complete. The hike is also one-way, so you’ll end in the village of El Chorro and then grab lunch at a nearby restaurant before returning to Seville.

Going on a guided tour of the Caminito del Rey is a great option because in addition to having a guide and not needing to deal with logistics, tickets to hike the Caminito without a guide sell out extremely fast and can be gone weeks in advance.

Everything was well organized. It was still worth it despite the heat, the views were great!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – sara, tour review

👉Check prices and book a tour to Caminito del Rey

5. Countryside Olive Oil Tour

A dirt and grass orchard with a large green olive tree.

Ratings: 5 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 8 hours

Did you know that Spain is the top olive oil producer and exporter in the entire world?! (Yes, even more than Italy and Greece). As you drive around the southern Spain countryside, you’ll see olive grove after olive grove, stretching as far as the eye can see.

So, one of the more interesting cultural experiences you can have in Spain is seeing how they grow, cultivate and harvest olives and produce olive oil. Plus, olive trees are just so pretty, it’s really a treat to be immersed in them all day long.

On this tour, you’ll drive 30 minutes from Seville to the town of Carmona, where you’ll visit a local olive grove, meet the owners, get a detailed guide to the process of growing olive oil, walk through the groves, and finally, indulge in a tasting of freshly produced olive oil.

At the end of the tour, you’ll stop in the quaint town of Carmona and see the old Roman and Arab monuments, including the Roman necropolis.

The Olive Oil tour was very special. We were guided through the olive oil making process by one of the lead tasters and treated to a tasting of our own.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – a tripadvisor reviewer, tour review

👉Check prices and book a countryside olive oil tour here

6. Iberian Ham Tour

A wheat grass tan field with 3 brown orange pigs stands in the field with trees all around.

Ratings: 5 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 8 hours

Spend even just a few hours in Andalucia, and you’ll certainly see the famous Iberico ham advertised on meat shops and storefronts.

This Iberico ham, or “jamon iberico” is famous for a reason – it’s absolutely delicious, with a very distinctive flavor that comes from the acorns the pigs eat.

On this top-rated private tour, you’ll head an hour north of Seville to the Sierra de Aracena region. You’ll visit an Iberian pig farm, and learn about how the pigs and raised and bred, as well as sample some Iberian ham.

Then you’ll head to Jabugo, a town famous for Iberian ham, where you’ll visit a curing house and learn about the curing process. Finally, you’ll tuck into a delicious ham tasting + lunch, where you will enjoy many fresh Spanish foods.

The tour was informative and most enjoyable as Roger was an excellent guide. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to learn more about the making of Iberian ham. Certainly an extraordinary worthwhile day trip.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – cheng peng, tour review

👉Check prices and book an Iberian Ham tour here

7. Cadiz + Jerez de la Frontera

A gorgeous spanish coast with rocks and blocks on one side and beautiful spanish white stone buildings.

Ratings: 4.33 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 10 hours

This full-day tour from Seville offers a wide variety of experiences: horse shows, wine tastings, and beautiful old cities.

The first stop, Jerez de la Frontera, is only an hour from Seville. Here, you’ll visit the world-known Royal Andalusian Equestrian School and watch a horse ballet. These shows feature the famous Andalucian breed horses, and are accompanied by traditional Spanish music and riders in historical costumes. It’s a unique and incredible experience to have in southern Spain.

Your next stop in Jerez is one of the town’s many wine cellars, where you’ll learn about the production of sherry wine in Andalcuia and sample a couple of varieties.

Finally, on to the historically significant port city of Cadiz, which is believed to be the oldest standing city in all of Europe. You’ll have time to explore the city and see some of the main sites. You’ll definitely want to stop by the Tavira Tower, visit the cathedral, and walk along the coastal promenade.

This is a must do trip. You’ll be blown away by the magnificent horses, the whole experience was stunning. Enjoyed the trip to the sherry winery, we got to sample them too. Very insightful as I never knew what was involved in making sherry. The winery is steeped in history. Lastly beautiful Cadiz which just makes us want to go back for more.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – A Tripadvisor Reviewer, tour review

👉Check prices and book a tour to Cadiz + Jerez here

8. Gibraltar

A breathtaking mountain overlooking the deep blue sea and orange and white city.

Ratings: 4.40 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 11 hours

Gibraltar is a very interesting little piece of the Iberian Peninsula. To start, it is a small city (just 2.6 square mi/6.7 square km) at the very southern edge of Spain, but it is actually not Spanish at all.

Gibraltar is actually part of the British Overseas Territory, and you have to go through passport control to enter the city.

On this tour to Gibraltar, you’ll travel the 2 hours to the city, and climb the massive, pointed Rock of Gibraltar that dominates the city. From here, you can see over the Straight of Gibraltar and even to the coast of Africa.

You’ll also get to meet the barbary macaque monkeys of Gibraltar on the nature preserve near the top of the rock, and make a stop in the San Miguel caves.

Finally, enjoy free time walking around the city of Gibraltar, before heading back to Seville.

Our trip to Gibraltar was great. We had a great time and we had a very good schedule. It was very nice to see the Cave of Saint Michael and the funny cappucin monkeys. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – paul, tour review

👉Check prices and book a tour to Gibraltar here

9. Italica Roman Ruins

A stone old Ilitica Ruin with stone pilars underground with a tan dust ground.

Ratings: 4.50 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 4 hours

When thinking about the history of the Iberian Peninsula, we mostly consider the influence of the Moorish Arabs on the architecture and culture of the region. However, the Romans were here before the Arabs, and they also left a big mark on the Iberian Peninsula.

In this day trip to Italica from Seville, you’ll take a short, 30-minute ride just outside of Seville to the outskirts of the village of Santiponce, where the ruined city of Italica lies. Italica was a major city in Spain during the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, and many important people and structures were located here.

Today, some of these structures are still standing and visible. For example, you can see the enormous amphitheater (with seating for 25,000 people). Only 2 of the 3 stories remain, but you can walk through the tunnels underground.

You can also admire some of the colorful mosaics on the floors of houses that belonged to wealthy citizens of Italica.

A short distance away, is the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, the last stop on this tour. This beautiful and large monastery has incredible frescos and works of art, and is

The guides on this tour are exceptionally good, providing a fun environment and great storytelling about the sites.

This day trip is a nice option if you have limited time, as it is just a half-day tour.

Lovely tour and great guide. Very knowledgeable. He made the trip intresting and fascinating. We really enjoyed it.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – laura, tour review

👉Check prices and book a tour to Italica Roman Ruins here

10. Tangier, Morocco

A white stone lighthouse stands on the edge of the moroccan coast with beautiful blue waters and skies.

Ratings: 5 of 5 stars | ⏳ Tour Time: 12 hours

Check out an entirely new continent, just a few hours from Seville! Morocco is an incredible African country, and while a thorough exploration of the country should definitely be on your bucket list, a day trip down to Tangiers to get a taste of Africa is an experience not to be missed.

On this tour to Tangier, you’ll drive 2 hours to the ferry location, then spend another hour on the ferry, crossing the Straight of Gibraltar near the beautiful Mediterranean waters before arriving in the bustling city of Tangiers.

In Tangiers, you’ll visit the Cape Spartal Lighthouse, which sits on the northwesternmost point in Africa. Nearby is the Hercules Cave, which is part natural and part human-made, and has a crack out to sea that looks like Africa. You’ll also have the option to do a camel ride on the beach (which I definitely recommend you do).

You’ll also get to explore the medina, stop by the Kasbah Palace, visit the souks (markets), and eat a traditional Moroccan meal.

It’s a long day, but it gives you a wonderful taste of Africa, that will make you excited to come back and experience more.

Everything was absolutely perfect! Our guide and driver were so kind and helpful with everything! 100% recommended!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – liliana, tour review

👉Check prices and book a tour to Tangier here

Best Day Trips from Seville – The Wrap Up

Seville is a fantastic starting point for a variety of rewarding day trips, each providing distinct cultural experiences and scenic views.

Whether exploring Cordoba’s historical streets, enjoying Ronda’s breathtaking landscapes, or marveling at Granada’s palaces, these day tours add an extra layer of excitement to your Seville getaway.

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